How to Start

So much information out there…

So many research topics one wants to investigate with a limited budget, personnel and time…

So many analytical methods to choose…

To start a metabolomics or lipidomics project properly, it is an overwhelming task, particularly for people who are not too familiar with the field. We can help you to navigate the scientific path to meet your goal. A typical route includes:

1. Contact Professor Liang Li at to initiate a conversation on your project and your need.

2. Professor Li will work with you to come up a plan.

3. If we agree on the plan, one of the researchers in Professor Li’s group, who often has an extensive working experience on experiments related to your project, will be a designated person for your project. This person will interact with you and your researchers extensively on the project.

4. Updates and reports on the progress of the project will be sent promptly,

5. Billing for analysis cost will be sent by the University. For the U of A users, payment can be made by an indent. For external users, payment can be be made by bank wire transfer or other means allowed by the University.

6. One major obstacle for many researchers who are interested in applying metabolomics and lipdiomics for their research is to deal with a large number of data. We are here to help you, either through a collaborative work or pay-for-service. You will be fully supported for data processing, data analysis, statistical analysis, determination of significant metabolites or lipids separating different cohorts of samples, and identification of metabolites or lipids.

7. For those who wish to publish their work, we can help in preparing the manuscript related to the metabolomics or lipidomics part.